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Anima is over 60 in RL, her husband is dead and buried.  Anima knows that she is not now likely to physically attract an interesting younger male, or for that matter an interesting older male, yet she is still young at heart and spirit. She misses the comfort of a man in her arms and the intimacy of sexual contact. After the sudden death of her husband a close friend introduced her to SL as a way of getting through the depression of living alone in the real world, and as she had over twenty years of computer experience  and was in fact still working as a computer and networking consultant, SL came to her quite naturally. Anima created a wonderful avatar for herself and captured the attention of the other avatars where ever she went. Men were attracted to her not only for her great beauty but because she was also charming and intelligent and knew what men want and need. Still there was that one nagging problem of keeping her identity and age a secret. Sometimes she would jokingly tell them that she was a being from another world, or a spirit from another dimension...

[2011/07/20 15:19]  David:  oh you are at work, you should have said something

[2011/07/20 15:19]  Anima: its ok i just zoom out :)

[2011/07/20 15:19]  Anima: but I know you wanted to do that, you talk about it all the time

[2011/07/20 15:20]  David:  only if you do

[2011/07/20 15:20]  Anima: just to please you darling!

[2011/07/20 15:21]  David:  I talk about sex all the time.... well we have to talk about something, i virtually know nothing about the real you

[2011/07/20 15:22]  Anima: there is no real me

[2011/07/20 15:22]  David:  there must be, you are at work :)

[2011/07/20 15:23]  Anima: kk, ask me some questions

[2011/07/20 15:23]  Anima: what do you want to know

[2011/07/20 15:25]  David:  what do you look like?

[2011/07/20 15:26]  Anima: David I want you to forget all that and just like my Avi OK?

[2011/07/20 15:26]  David:  oh i do like your Avi I just dont like mysteries

[2011/07/20 15:27]  Anima: awwwww

[2011/07/20 15:27]  Anima: you don't like mysteries... life is a mystery

[2011/07/20 15:28]  David:  maybe but its a mystery with solutions

[2011/07/20 15:28]  Anima: life is time and time is a mystery with out any solutions...

[2011/07/20 15:30]  Anima: you can't go back in time, you can't go forward in time, you can only be right here and right now in this instant and that is the biggest mystery of all.

[2011/07/20 15:30]  David: lol thats a bit heavy for 11.30 pm!

[2011/07/20 15:30]  Anima: hahahaha sorry darling....

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