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When I first saw Ayn Teardrop, she was sitting not far from me on a rock at the Wild Coast beach. I couldn't help but notice that her hair was wrapped with barbed wire and heavy chain! When I checked her profile i discovered that Ayn has been in SL for almost 1000 days... as well as these emotionally charged and profound thoughts...
Don't waste time loving someone who isn't willing to love you. We ignore who adores us, adore who ignores us, love who hurts us, hurt who loves us.  Isn't it so ironic. Sometimes good things fall apart

teardrop in Ayn's profile

[2011/07/16 19:53] Caprisha: Hi

[2011/07/16 19:54] Ayn Teardrop: hi

[2011/07/16 19:54] Caprisha: i was wondering if you would mind if i took your picture

[2011/07/16 19:55] Ayn Teardrop: not at all

[2011/07/16 19:55] Ayn Teardrop: smile

[2011/07/16 19:56] Caprisha: you look amazing and your ptofile statement is very interesting

[2011/07/16 19:56] Ayn Teardrop: thanks, more of an observation than a statement really

[2011/07/16 19:57] Caprisha: i am wondering about the chains and wire in your hair

[2011/07/16 19:58] Ayn Teardrop: i thought it looked interesting lol

[2011/07/16 19:59] Caprisha: but is it a statement about you

[2011/07/16 20:02] Ayn Teardrop: i can be a bit prickly at times lol

[2011/07/16 20:02] Caprisha: well i want to know if you think life has ben torturing you

[2011/07/16 20:02] Ayn Teardrop: ?

[2011/07/16 20:03] Caprisha: well u know u are in chains

[2011/07/16 20:03] Ayn Teardrop: no more than it tortures everyone, i am not in chains I am a free spirit

[2011/07/16 20:03] Caprisha: kk i just wondered cus you look so serious, like an angel of suffering

[2011/07/16 20:04] Ayn Teardrop: everyone suffers a bit don't you think
[2011/07/16 20:06] Caprisha: oh i am sure we all suffer a lot, and some are optimists and think things will get better...
[2011/07/16 20:06] Caprisha: and then there are the pessimists who think it will get worse

[2011/07/16 20:06] Ayn Teardrop: i am an optimist lol

[2011/07/16 20:06] Caprisha: what about your name Teardrop that seems to me a rather sad image

[2011/07/16 20:06] Ayn Teardrop: teardrop can be sad or happy

[2011/07/16 20:06] Caprisha: kk yes! absolutely i didn't think of that, but when u add chains and barbed wire...

[2011/07/16 20:06] Ayn Teardrop: depends which way you interpret it... just a strong emotion

[2011/07/16 20:06] Caprisha: well maybe thats it!!! you radiate a strong emotional vibe

[2011/07/16 20:06] Ayn Teardrop: smile

[2011/07/16 20:07] Caprisha: and your profile statement on the irony of hurting those you love all seems to point to something

[2011/07/16 20:07] Ayn Teardrop: i am a person driven by my emotions that is true

[2011/07/16 20:07] Ayn Teardrop: which isn't always a good thing in here

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