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When I first mat Stormy she was sitting at the Greed table in the luxurious Bahamas Swingers Club. A spacious adult playground where the dress code is "bare as you dare". Stromy is a veteran SL resident with over five years of in world adventure.... and of course she calls everyone "hun"

[2011/07/15 21:28] Caprisha: Hi

[2011/07/15 21:29] Stormy Sutherland: hello

[2011/07/15 21:29] Caprisha: I just wondered if you are playing for money

[2011/07/15 21:30] Stormy Sutherland: no just for fun hun :)

[2011/07/15 21:31] Caprisha: you look great do you mind if I take your picture?

[2011/07/15 21:31] Stormy Sutherland: no I dont mind at all

[2011/07/15 21:32] Stormy Sutherland: we can add and have a photo shoot if you want

[2011/07/15 21:32] Caprisha: oh that would be great!

[2011/07/15 21:32] Caprisha: do you play here often

[2011/07/15 21:33] Stormy Sutherland: no I haven't played greedy in a while

[2011/07/15 21:33] Caprisha: kk don't let me bother you

[2011/07/15 21:34] Stormy Sutherland: you are not bothering me hun its cool :)

[2011/07/15 21:34] Caprisha: no you need to concentrate, I will talk with you when you are not doing this

[2011/07/15 21:34] Stormy Sutherland: sounds good :)

greed  table

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Stormy is one of the most beautiful girls in Second Life, her look is stunning and her taste in clothing and jewelry, impecable.

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