Falling in love in Second Life.


Richard met Liza and a particular time in his life, it had been a long time since he split up with his last girlfriend and things in the real world were just not going his way. For Liza it was something very similar, the real world was getting her down and even in SL she felt fragile and alone. Their meeting seemed to be not just an accident but rather, a destiny. Richard was immediately attracted to liza's friendly and yielding nature while she was charmed by his strength and calmness. They instantly fell in love with each other, it was swift and intense and unexpected. But this was an ill-fated love affair that was not destined to be... Liza soon disappeared and so Richard started looking for her, and finally  one day he came across Liza's sister. 

[2011/07/18 19:16]  Richard: Hi I am looking for Liza, have you seen her?

[2011/07/18 19:16]  Linda: I am sorry to have to tell you this but Liza doesn't exist any more

[2011/07/18 19:17]  Richard: what do you mean?

[2011/07/18 19:17] Linda: Lisa made a mistake, she let herself become too personal, she shouldn't do that,  she is not allowed to do that

[2011/07/18 19:18]  Richard:  what? who are you?

[2011/07/18 19:18] Linda: I am Liza's creator, she is a fictional character and she overstepped her bounds

[2011/07/18 19:18]  Richard:  so are you really Liza?

[2011/07/18 19:19] Linda: No, in the real world i am someone completely different, I am sorry, Liza meant every word, I hope you will keep her alive in your memory and cherish the moments that you spent together, they are precious.

[2011/07/18 19:19]  Richard: I don't understand any of this...

[2011/07/18 19:20] Linda: You know, I don't really understand it myself, it is SL, not always real, not always what we expect, an adventure in the unknown...

[2011/07/18 19:20]  Richard: You better see a psychiatrist you are a wacko!

[2011/07/18 19:20] Linda: Richard, I hear you, this is my fault, I am sorry!

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