Romeo and Juliet


Act Two - Scene One

After she arrived back on the balcony of the Villa she sent a tp to Romeo who appeared in flash light moments later. The balcony had a magnificent view of a nearby waterfall and was decorated with a fine rug and matching cushions. Juliet had already arranged the animation spheres and selected hers. Romeo followed choosing his, and instantly they were thrown into a passionate embrace.

[2011/07/08 01:40] Romeo: mmmmm oh Juliet, kissssss

[2011/07/08 01:40] Juliet: nice

[2011/07/08 01:41] Romeo: oh yes, holding you close and kissing you

[2011/07/08 01:42] Juliet: I am so clever

[2011/07/08 01:42] Romeo: clever?

[2011/07/08 01:43] Juliet: yes, to catch the most handsome guy in Wild Coast

[2011/07/08 01:44] Romeo: lol... thers a lot of good looking guys there I think

[2011/07/08 01:44] Juliet: lot of bad looking guys tooo!

[2011/07/08 01:45] Romeo: but I am here with the sweetest girl of Wild Coast

[2011/07/08 01:46] Romeo: kissing

[2011/07/08 01:46] Romeo: caressing

[2011/07/08 01:47] Juliet: mmmmmmm

[2011/07/08 01:48] Romeo: holding her

[2011/07/08 01:48] Romeo: oh Juliet

[2011/07/08 01:49] Romeo: Juliet

[2011/07/08 01:49] Juliet: what?

[2011/07/08 01:50] Romeo: feels so good

[2011/07/08 01:50] Juliet: ohhh I know

[2011/07/08 01:51] Romeo: kissing you deeply, our tounges touching, our bodies pressing close to each other

[2011/07/08 01:52] Juliet: omg

[2011/07/08 01:53] Romeo: feel it Juliet?

[2011/07/08 01:53] Juliet: I want to ...

[2011/07/08 01;54] Juliet:... play

[2011/07/08 01:54] Romeo: tell me what you want.

[2011/07/08 01:55] Romeo: mmm i can feel you pressing against my leg, oh baby, I love your hand there

[2011/07/08 01:56] Romeo: mmmmmmmmm

[2011/07/08 01:56] Romeo: feeling your hand on my chest

[2011/07/08 01:57] Juliet: hehehe, I was touching your...

[2011/07/08 01:58] Romeo: I know

[2011/07/08 01:58] Juliet: you do?

[2011/07/08 01:58] Romeo: yeah

[2011/07/08 01:59] Romeo: was nice

[2011/07/08 02:00] Romeo: kisssss

[2011/07/08 02:01] Romeo: oh I love this one (new animation) feeling all of you

[2011/07/08 02:02] Juliet: mmmmm

[2011/07/08 02:02] Romeo: kisses you deep

[2011/07/08 02:03] Romeo: my hands on your hips pulling you closer

[2011/07/08 02:03] Romeo: mmmmmm

[2011/07/08 02:04] Romeo: do you want to wait?

[2011/07/08 02:04] Juliet: I want you

[2011/07/08 02:05] Juliet: and i don't want to lose you

[2011/07/08 02:05] Romeo: tell me how you feel in rl

[2011/07/08 02:06] Juliet: well my father is just nearby

[2011/07/08 02:07] Romeo: kissss you Juliet, mmmmm I want you too

Juliet felt a sudden urge deep within her and quicly selected from the menu a torid animation, she knew there was no turning back now, and they fell into the passionate needs of their instinctive desires.

End of Act Two

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