Epsilon Aurigae

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[2011/07/02 11:57] L A Linda: Hi!... what are u doing?

[2011/07/02 11:58] Tycho Brahe:  wandering -- chatting -- not too much atm

[2011/07/02 11:58] Tycho Brahe: maybe I should wander to the wild coast :-)

[2011/07/02 11:59] L A Linda: well do you want to see my place?

[2011/07/02 12:00] Tycho Brahe: sure -- it is always interesting to see where people live in SL

[2011/07/02 12:00] L A Linda: kk wait i will go and then send you a telliport
(he arrives wearing a suit and tie)

[2011/07/02 12:02] Tycho Brahe: quite a contrast in how we are dressed !

[2011/07/02 12:02] L A Linda: well i feel a bit embarassed :)

[2011/07/02 12:03] Tycho Brahe: can't help but stare at her beautiful bare body

[2011/07/02 12:03] L A Linda: you like the view

[2011/07/02 12:03] Tycho Brahe: tears his eyes away to check out the house

[2011/07/02 12:04] Tycho Brahe: sort of a Mediterranean look to the house

[2011/07/02 12:04] L A Linda: yes this is my Villa

[2011/07/02 12:05] Tycho Brahe: and a lovely view out over the ocean

[2011/07/02 12:05] L A Linda: do you know how to pilot a helicopter?

[2011/07/02 12:05] Tycho Brahe: I have a jet that I have flown a bit -- but not for a long time

[2011/07/02 12:03] Tycho Brahe: it is not often i see start charts on the wall!

[2011/07/02 12:05] L A Linda: oh yes I forgot to tell you about that

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[2011/07/02 12:06] Tycho Brahe: I have a bit of interest in Astronomy

[2011/07/02 12:06] L A Linda: I am from Epsilon

[2011/07/02 12:07] Tycho Brahe: the 5th brighest star in the constellation :-)

[2011/07/02 12:07] L A Linda: yes an unusual double star

[2011/07/02 12:07] Tycho Brahe: I can't say I know much more about it than that

[2011/07/02 12:07] L A Linda: well...

[2011/07/02 12:08] L A Linda: Epsilon Aurigae is a star in the constellation Auriga. It is traditionally known as Almaaz, Haldus, orAl Anz. Epsilon Aurigae is an unusual eclipsing binary system comprising an Fo supergiant and a companion which is generally accepted to be a huge dark disk orbiting an unknown object, possibly a binary system of two small B-type stars. About every 27 years, Epsilon Aurigae's brightness drops from an apparent visual magnitude of +2.92 to +3.83.[2] This dimming lasts 640 to 730 days.[3] In addition to this eclipse, the system also has a low amplitude pulsation with a non-consistent period of around 66 days.[4] The distance to the system is still a subject of debate, but modern estimates place it approximately 2,000 light years from Earth.

[2011/07/02 12:09] Tycho Brahe: well, now I know a lot more

[2011/07/02 12:09] Tycho Brahe: it is a bit hotter than the sun -- and much bigger

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[2011/07/02 12:09] L A Linda: The epsilon Aurigae star system's eclipse lasts nearly two years or 670 days. This means the eclipsing object is gigantic. The orbit of the eclipsing object is estimated at over 27 astronomical units. By contrast the orbit of Uranus around our Sun is about 20 astronomical units. The main star of the epsilon Aurigae star system is a giant F star with a mass of about 15 times our Sun and a diameter of 200 times. That means if that star were the Sun, Venus's orbit would be 27 million miles beneath the surface. The eclipsing object has an estimated mass of nearly 14 Suns and a radius of around 2,000 solar radii or some 2,000,000,000 miles in diameter making it the largest known single object in the universe. To further deepen the mystery in the middle of the eclipse the star system's brightness increases significantly for a short time. Many theories have been put forth as to what the eclipsing body is. A black hole or gigantic star are just a few

[2011/07/02 12:09] Tycho Brahe: you traveled quite a ways to get here -- 2000 Light years!

[2011/07/02 12:09] L A Linda: i am still there :)

[2011/07/02 12:09] L A Linda: not here

[2011/07/02 12:10] Tycho Brahe: the largest known object!

[2011/07/02 12:11] L A Linda: yes and it has a way of doing things to matter that...

[2011/07/02 12:11] L A Linda: well it can do amazing things

[2011/07/02 12:12] Tycho Brahe: hmmm but I thought many red giants had orbits that size ... oh well

[2011/07/02 12:12] L A Linda: you see the picture on the wall

[2011/07/02 12:13] L A Linda: Tyc what are you doing?

[2011/07/02 12:13] Tycho Brahe: I was gazing at the star chart

[2011/07/02 12:14] Tycho Brahe: and learning a little about Epsilon Aurigae

[2011/07/02 12:14] L A Linda: ah... well, if you want to see my communication link nerve center, it is in the cave below

[2011/07/02 12:14] Tycho Brahe: sounds fascianting!

[2011/07/02 12:15] L A Linda: but it is a bit dangerous down there

[2011/07/02 12:15] Tycho Brahe: i'll follow you (and watch your sexy ass every step of hte way ;-) )

[2011/07/02 12:15] L A Linda: kk
(we jump off the balcony and head down to the cave entrance that is hidden behind the waterfall)

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[2011/07/02 12:16] L A Linda: dont go too close

[2011/07/02 12:16] L A Linda: you will get irradiated
(watching him scurry towards the glowing array of computer terminals)

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[2011/07/02 12:16] L A Linda: maybe you are now sterile already :(

[2011/07/02 12:17] Tycho Brahe: good thing I wore my lead BVD's today :-)

[2011/07/02 12:17] L A Linda: come on we will go to the beach house
(we wander down through the palm trees to the beach)

[2011/07/02 12:18] Tycho Brahe: this is very nice also
(brief romantic interlude pursues)

[2011/07/02 12:40] L A Linda: i have to go back to work in a minute

[2011/07/02 12:41] L A Linda: but i want to do something first

[2011/07/02 12:42] Tycho Brahe: mmmmmmm

[2011/07/02 12:42] Tycho Brahe: there is nothing like the feel a naked woman cuddled up soft and warm!

[2011/07/02 12:42] L A Linda: it is hard to believe that i am 2000 light years from here

[2011/07/02 12:43] L A Linda: and that you still have your suit on

[2011/07/02 12:43] Tycho Brahe: especially since relativity requires that it take 2000 years for messages to go back and forth!

[2011/07/02 12:43] L A Linda: no, the intense gravitational field allows us to bypass the space-time continum

[2011/07/02 12:44] Tycho Brahe: quivers as her hand runs long the top of my thigh

[2011/07/02 12:44] Tycho Brahe: ah -- yes. wormholes could do that

[2011/07/02 12:45] L A Linda: i like a man that knows what he is talking about :)

[2011/07/02 12:03] Tycho Brahe: I won't claim to be an EXPERT, but I know more about relativity that most people

[2011/07/02 12:46] L A Linda: mmmmm

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