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[2011/06/11 19:16]  Barbed Wire (celesteduke): Linda can you tell us more making Second Life videos?

[2011/06/11 19:16]  L A Linda (herminetic): Well you know Barb it is something I always dreamed of doing, but thought it would be too complicated or required some special equipment. Finally because i was so involved with enhanced avatar physics, and felt that video would be the best way to show every one how amazing it is, I decided to really look into it. As I am working with a Mac, just searched with Google for "Video capture for mac" and "Second Life" and that came up with a wiki Second Life "video resources" page where for mac they had listed Camtasia, it was first on the list of software that you have to pay for. Not that i am obsessed with paying for things, but more in the vain of you get what you pay for, not expensive anyway at 99 dollars but what i like most about Camtasia for Mac . is the fact that you can download a free trial version, and on their web site you find a tutorial section with short videos explaining the basics, with this you are ready to go in minutes and it doesn't cost a penny. In fact from the moment i made the decision to really do this and Googled it, I was doing video in Second Life within an hour or so. I think it is so typical that we... I get a fixation about something and imagine that it is going to be difficult and so we put it off, maybe forever!

[2011/06/11 19:16]  Barbed Wire (celesteduke):  Well you have not been in our Second Life office much over the last three weeks so you must have been very absorbed with this, is it really that easy?

[2011/06/11 19:17]  L A Linda (herminetic):It is easy but there are a lot of things to learn, Camtasia isn't perhaps the best product for what i wanted to do which is videos with a lot of action, Camtasia uses a lossless codec, which means that it tries to capture all the data in each frame, if it can't then it skips a frame, this means that the motion isn't as fluid as it might be with a different codec. I didn't know anything about this when i started. But there are work arounds, if you reduce the frame size and the amount of data to be captured, you can get quite good motion quality.

[2011/06/11 19:18]  Barbed Wire (celesteduke):  What other kinds of problems have you encountered?

[2011/06/11 19:18]  L A Linda (herminetic): Probably the most worrying thing for me is the fact that video can eat up huge amounts of disk space in no time at all. When you start for example you might try to capture your whole viewer window and let the video run a couple of hours while you are looking for good shots. Then when you stop recording and look at the video file you have just created you are staggered to see that it is 25 gigs! 10 recordings like that and you have used up all the available space on your whole hard drive! So you can't just make tons of video unless you have massive storage, I don't... well, I had a backup drive with about 500 gigs free but that evaporated quickly. Another problem is that even if you do a video that is only 4 minutes long and is a 1000 pixels wide, it is still likely be over 100 megs in size. Trying to upload 100 megs to a server isn't going to be easy unless you have high speed broadband connection. I don't and uploading 100 megs could be an hour, and you have to prey that nothing goes wrong for an hour, i get bumped off my ftp upload every so often so I try to avoid uploading anything that big.

[2011/06/11 19:20]  Barbed Wire (celesteduke):  You mean that you can't make videos longer than 4 minutes?

[2011/06/11 19:21]  L A Linda (herminetic): Well right now i am just doing short videos that last about the length of a typical song you might hear on the radio, and really that is good enough for now. Probably there are work arounds like physically mailing a dvd to someone who could upload it on a fast connection. Or maybe you could upload episodes. I haven't got to that level yet :)

[2011/06/11 19:20]  Barbed Wire (celesteduke):  Well I know your first video was banned on youtube, can you tell us a bit about that?

[2011/06/11 19:21]  L A Linda (herminetic): hehehe.... yes what a joke i was banned, for nudity, and sexuality, actually its a great compliment that an avatar can be considered nude and sexy, the person that banned it probably didn't even notice that it was an avatar and not a living breathing human being. However there are other reasons for having your videos rejected like using someone else's music in your video without permission. This they are very strict about even at Dailymotion which is where I went after I couldn't get my videos shown on youtube. At Dailymotion they are more open about nudity though which is great and allows us to get our naturist videos online.

[2011/06/11 19:22]  Barbed Wire (celesteduke): What other options are there if you can't use places like Youtube or Dailymotion?

[2011/06/11 19:22]  L A Linda (herminetic): I discovered a great site today, while i was looking around for just this sort of thing, I wanted to embed my videos in my own pages, and found a way to do it. The University of California has a site called CIT (Center for Instructional Technology) where they have an Embedded Media HTML Generator.

[2011/06/11 19:23]  Barbed Wire (celesteduke): What does the Embedded Media HTML Generator do?

[2011/06/11 19:23]  L A Linda (herminetic): The HTML code required to embed a movie or animation into a web page can be complex. With the Embedded Media HTML Generator developed by the CIT staff, you don't need to remember the complex HTML code required to embed media in your Web pages. All you need to do is select your media type, fill out a simple form, click submit, and copy and paste the generated HTML into your Web page.

[2011/06/11 19:24]  Barbed Wire (celesteduke): Thanks for filling us in on this Linda.  On the next page we are going to feature a few of your more recent videos! Not the banned ones though :) And what about this video of us at the top of this page, the music came off the Second Life radio station at your house?

[2011/06/11 19:24]  L A Linda (herminetic): Thats right Barb and if any one wants to object to this music fragment being in our video please send an email to Barb.

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