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[2011/05/11 19:16]  Barbed Wire (celesteduke): Linda can you tell us more about the creation of your new web site avatar-life.org and the e-magazine that you are creating AVATAR LIFE?
[2011/05/11 19:16]  L A Linda (herminetic): Well the idea popped into my head while I was creating some posters for my Second Life homepage. I imagined a sort of magazine cover that featured a story on L A Linda. While I was making the magazine cover, the inspiration of calling the magazine Avatar Life and the Avatar Life logo came to me in a flash and I couldn't help but think that it would be great to really make an e-magazine called AVATAR LIFE.

Special Edition cover

[2011/05/11 19:16]  Barbed Wire (celesteduke):  Well you must have realized that it would be no small undertaking.
[2011/05/11 19:17]  L A Linda (herminetic): Well when i discovered that the domain avatar-life.org was free the idea just snowballed and I was quick to snap up the domain and get the web site started, but yes you are right the mag is going to be a lot of work, I have spent quite a few sleepless nights already thinking about how to structure it and what to include.
[2011/05/11 19:18]  Barbed Wire (celesteduke):  Yes I am curious to know more about that, what is an e-magazine anyway?
[2011/05/11 19:18]  L A Linda (herminetic): My idea for this magazine is to have a cover page that changes every month or so, a new edition if you like. I want to have stories, interviews, news, photo and art galleries as well as individual SL member pages where they can upload their homepages.
[2011/05/11 19:18]  Barbed Wire (celesteduke):  Oh that would be a wonderful idea for those members who don't even have a place to put homepages let alone knowing how to make them :)
[2011/05/11 19:18]  L A Linda (herminetic): Barb you know only too well that in SL, "everyday is new adventure" From the day i first joined, wanted to do something like what the French call a Photo Romance, which is kind of a comic book layout using photos to tell a story, well my idea is to use SL screen shots of our adventures, and a similar presentation with a series of key images to tell the story. Like this one at Armana Designs, Rezz station.

click to enlarge

Armana Designs

[2011/05/11 19:20]  Barbed Wire (celesteduke):  OMG do remember us getting lost in there that place was fabulous
[2011/05/11 19:21]  L A Linda (herminetic): It is going to take a while to get all this organized but it's going to be fun, first and foremost i want this e-zine to be entertaining, amusing and vibrant, not just a static few pages. I think that virtual worlds are going to become hugely important in the future. As we progress technologically so too will the avatar's life. Just yesterday i discovered Avatar Physics on Youtube.
Viewer 2.6.3 Avatar Physics in Second Life,
by BlakOpalDesigns, it is a tutorial demonstration showing how Advanced Avatar Physics works in Second Life, it only had around 3000 views when i found it but u can bet it will be a lot more now. When people discover how to implement this it is going to be big! They have taken avatars to the next level which is where it starts to look so real it is better than real, I dont want to spill the beans on this too much because i want to the first on the block using this!
[2011/05/11 19:22]  Barbed Wire (celesteduke): Well Linda now that you have revealed to me how this works I am going to next on the block!
[2011/05/11 19:22]  L A Linda (herminetic): The men are going to flip when they see this!

[2011/05/11 19:23]  Barbed Wire (celesteduke): Thanks for filling us in on your new web site Linda.  If anyone out there wants to know more about AVATAR LIFE send us an email!

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