In a statement recently released to the press, L A Linda proclaimed: "they can ban me but they can't ban the truth!"

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[2011/05/07 19:16]  Barbed Wire (celesteduke): Linda can you tell us why you were banned from the Dutch Touch group?
[2011/05/07 19:16]  L A Linda (herminetic): Well i became a member of the Dutch Touch group because that was the only way i could get the lipstick i wanted, you could not buy it, it was not for sale and only available to members. If you join the the lipstick is free, however it costs 250$ to become a member!
[2011/05/07 19:16]  Barbed Wire (celesteduke):  What a scam!.
[2011/05/07 19:17]  L A Linda (herminetic): and after I joined, the Dutch Touch group chat  box would pop up on its own, every so often in my viewer.
Originally i bought a Cleo skin from Dutch Touch it was good except for the lips are rather crudly formed. When i saw the improved lips on the latest model to be released "Yri" i decided to upgrade to that, i tried on the demo and the lips were more realistic so i bought it. Not long afterwards i noticed that the nostrils of my avi were horribly deformed and i spent many hours and days trying to fix that by modifying my shape. To see if i wasn't the only one with this problem, I went around looking up the nostrils of all the other avatars!
[2011/05/07 19:18]  Barbed Wire (celesteduke):  Now that's what i call desperation!
[2011/05/07 19:18]  L A Linda (herminetic): Eventualy I tried on other skins to see if that would fix the problem it was then that i discovered that it was in fact a problem with the yri skin itself. I went to the Dutch Touch online site to see if i could find a support contact for them and found the email address of iki  ikarus and sent her an email about the problem (at that time i was not aware that she was female) ... here is a copy of that email sent on the 23rd of March

Dear Sir
I have bought  two skins from your company and although I really think your product is superior, i have noticed that the nostril openings of my avatars are not as one might expect and I am wondering how I can fix them.I am not sure that it is a skin problem or a shape problem. The nostril openings look fine from the front but when seen from under the nose they are definitely not as realistic as they might be. If you will please reply to this email i will send you detailed photographs. I have been looking at other avatar noses carefully and now see that mine are not normal.
Kind Regards

[2011/05/07 19:19]  L A Linda (herminetic): i didn't get a reply to that and sent somewhat more desperate  email about a month later, to which i never got a reply either, so one day when the Dutch Touch chat box popped up in my viewer, i decided to take action and threw a message into the chat hoping to get a response. of course u are are not allowed to criticize anything made by Dutch Touch on the Dutch Touch chat board. It is horrible how the pack instinct is so prevalent on chat boards, when one them manages to bite u they all join in on the attack, claiming me to be a troll who's only interest in life is to disturb their little tea party there...  and I was quickly  banned by iki ikarus  who runs that board and is the creator of the yri skin. Later i sent her by email detailed pictures of this problem which is a terrible defect,  but not something that you might notice immediately with the demo. Look at this comparative picture it is the Yri skin demo compared to the Cleo skin both on the same shape.

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however from under the chin the nose looks like this! 


[2011/05/07 19:20]  L A Linda (herminetic): Imagine your bf when he discovers this monstrous nose while you are kissing him! Imagine the fashion models showing up at work with this nose!
[2011/05/07 19:20]  Barbed Wire (celesteduke):  Well i know that you have devoted yourself to fashion modeling and photography, you must be very disappointed with this skin.
[2011/05/07 19:21]  L A Linda (herminetic): This skin should be taken off the market or improved to fix this problem, and dis-satisfied customers like myself deserve replies to their emails and refunds. However Iki Ikarus is now too big headed for her own good, this is obvious by her reply to  this problem after banning me for speaking out...

[10:41] Iki Ikarus: I am perfectly fine with the way the nose of Yri turned out inworld, i designed it that way, realistic or not, its artwork and u should take a better look at demos before purchasing it.

She is still selling this defectuous product even though, people who have bought this skin will be asking for refunds. I suppose she thinks she will avoid all this by telling  them  that they should of tried the demo first, however these customers are not likely to buy anything from Dutch Touch again... but you know barb when i first saw her name it seemed to ring a bell and then i remembered, the myth of Icarus... if you look it up in wiki u find this....
In Greek mythology, Icarus (the Latin spelling, conventionally adopted in English; Greek: Íkaros, Etruscan: Vikare[1]) is the son of the master craftsman Daedalus. The main story told about Icarus is his attempt to escape from Crete by means of wings that his father constructed from feathers and wax. He ignored instructions not to fly too close to the sun, and the melting wax caused him to fall to his death. The myth shares thematic similarities with that of Phaeton, both are usually taken as examples of hubris or failed ambition, and is often depicted in art.

[2011/05/07 19:22]  Barbed Wire (celesteduke): Yes, not very clever of her to choose a name that signifies failed ambition!
[2011/05/07 19:22]  L A Linda (herminetic): I wont be surprised if we see Ikarus falling out of the sky very soon!


Bruegel's Landscape with the Fall of Icarus (ca. 1558), famous for relegating the fall to a scarcely noticed event in the background. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Icarus

[2011/05/07 19:23]  Barbed Wire (celesteduke): Thanks for sharing your story Linda.  I certainly sympathize with you regarding this issue.  I would be interested to hear from other Dutch Touch buyers out there who have experienced a similar problem!

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