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mm at BACHELORS GROVE Commons, Epiphainein (90, 242, 23)

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mm - photographics by L A Miller

An URGENT message from Piggs Boucher, owner of Epiphainein

I am writing this because I have to. Epiphainein, our home needs to fill all vacancies now.

Word of mouth is the best way to spread the word and we must do it now or all will be lost. I take very seriously my commitment to all tenants/neighbors and it is my painful duty to inform everyone that there is a financial crisis that could mean the end. It has been my privilege to maintain and promote this sim for over 4 years. Now I need your help to spread the word.

Here are some talking points you may not be aware of:
1. Epiphainein is a themed open sim with full access to the skies for hanggliding and such.
2. All tenants and their guests are welcome to explore Bachelors Grove and its waterways in and surrounding the sim with motorboats and canoes which are provided.
3. Underwater bike runs extend well below the surface with free bikes supplied.
4. Epiphainein has high quality sim surrounds which change with the season.
Weekly or monthly rates are available. Rates are negotiable.

Epiphainein was conceived as a community without barriers. By working together we can insure this style of second living may continue.

Rates at Epiphainein are based on L$1.5 per prim, per week.

If you are interested please see my picks for available vacant properties.

Thank you.

Piggs Boucher, owner

p.s. If you have any ideas or suggestions how we can improve the service or the sim please drop me a note, thanks.

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