Is a virtual affair real-world infidelity?

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[2011/08/01 19:16]  Barbed Wire (celesteduke):  Linda, what is your response to the article entitled
Is a virtual affair real-world infidelity? by Kristin Kalning that I forwarded to you last week.
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[2011/08/01 19:16]  L A Linda (herminetic): Well although it is an older article (4/16/2007) it keeps resurfacing and some of the reader comments on that page are quite recent, so I think it is still important to address this very biased slur on Second Life and it's members

[2011/08/01 19:17]  Barbed Wire (celesteduke):  Yes, well it certainly paints a fairly grim picture of Second Life romance suggesting that it will ruin the rl marriage of supposedly happy couples.

[2011/08/01 19:17]  L A Linda (herminetic): I want to address two major issues that are touched upon in this article and the reader comments. First of all it suggests that SL is a sordid playground of sexual promiscuity that will seduce normal people into forgetting, or worse, abusing their partners and family in rl. Any normal person will know right away that this is just sensationalism in an effort to tweak peoples interest, but anyway even if there was some "risk" for married people, what about all the people who are not married, what about all the people who are separated or divorced, what about the lonely people who live in small communities and are never likely to find a rl partner, what about the widowed or older people who have lost their wife or husband, what about the people who are sick or in hospitals who can't meet partners in rl? Don't these people deserve a little romance, aren't they to be allowed a little sexual intimacy sometime?
People who are happily married, in their mid 20s who are raising a family and have pets, don't need SL or virtual reality, just like they don't need drugs, night clubs or facebook. But the reality is that people want excitement they want to be entertained and they are going to find it. Even if we try to hide it from them, even if they know it is bad for them and or their marriage. We are adults here Barb and it is too late to start trying to tell people to drink with moderation or that smoking is bad for your health.

[2011/08/01 19:20]  Barbed Wire (celesteduke): hmmm that reminds me i have to stop smoking, damn...

[2011/08/01 19:21]  L A Linda (herminetic): The next thing that annoys me is the reader comments to an article like this one, you know people can say what they want but when it is in print it begins to be libelous. One should be a bit more careful than to spout slanderous generalizations based on the limited framework of ones own isolated experience.

[2011/08/01 19:21]  Barbed Wire (celesteduke):  I know what you mean, look at this comment left by one of the readers
"Could a seemingly harmless Second Life relationship impact on your marriage? Absolutely! If it does not dismantle it completely, it can undermine it to the extent of rendering it meaningless."

[2011/08/01 19:22]  L A Linda (herminetic): It is just so easy to add your two cents worth... lets have a go shall we... Could a seemingly harmless butter knife cut off the end of your finger? Absolutely! but who is going to be dumb enough to try it!?

[2011/08/01 19:21]  Barbed Wire (celesteduke):  Hahahaha you are a character L A! If anyone else wants to add their two cents worth to this page, please drop us a line at the email address below.

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