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The Dream

One day Anima met Spiritus on the beach of the Wild Coast Reserve, she didn't know him but her sister had spoken of him. She said that he was once a dwarf and later transformed into bird and so imagined that he was a magician. Now after meeting him, Anima was sure that he was hiding some secret. Her sister had on occasion teleported to the Lodge of Spiritus and left a link whereby Anima could teleport to the roof of a building nearby and secretly spy on him. So that night she went to the rooftop looking for Spiritus but he was not there. As she waited the moon rose high in the heavens and finally she grew tired and fell into a deep sleep and began to dream, In her dream she saw Spiritus arrive, clad in a magician's robe and flying with magnificent wings, Spiritus saw her spying from afar and flew towards her, frightened she awoke and found herself still in front of her computer. In a split second she had teleported back to the beach at Wild Coast and only seconds later Spiritus also arrived...

[2011/07/14 20:35] Spiritus Mundi: Good evening, did I scare you away?

[2011/07/14 20:35] Anima: What?

[2011/07/14 20:35] Spiritus Mundi: you were just visiting...

[2011/07/14 20:35] Anima: You know I was just having a strange dream

[2011/07/14 20:36] Spiritus Mundi: I saw you and you poofed

[2011/07/14 20:36] Spiritus Mundi: what did you dream?

[2011/07/14 20:36] Anima: I fell asleep here and suddenly I saw a man with wings

[2011/07/14 20:36] Spiritus Mundi: did you know we can all fly here on SL?

[2011/07/14 20:36] Anima: yes

[2011/07/14 20:37] Spiritus Mundi: how is your sister - have you heard from her?

[2011/07/14 20:38] Anima: no she is far away

[2011/07/14 20:40] Anima: I suppose I can tell you

[2011/07/14 20:40] Spiritus Mundi: yes?

[2011/07/14 20:40] Anima: she is in Epsilon

[2011/07/14 20:41] Spiritus Mundi: that far away?

[2011/07/14 20:41] Anima: yes even though it is far, she can see everything you do

[2011/07/14 20:41] Spiritus Mundi: uh oh

[2011/07/14 20:41] Anima: scary ay

[2011/07/14 20:42] Spiritus Mundi: well...

[2011/07/14 20:42] Spiritus Mundi: I suppose I can tell you

[2011/07/14 20:42] Anima: yes?

[2011/07/14 20:42] Spiritus Mundi: I used to enjoy flirting with her

[2011/07/14 20:43] Anima: well she wasn't happy when she saw us dancing

[2011/07/14 20:43] Spiritus Mundi: but there is something about you that i find very attractive

[2011/07/14 20:43] Anima: I wonder what it is...

[2011/07/14 20:44] Spiritus Mundi: I enjoyed our dance

[2011/07/14 20:44] Anima: well we can't do that again, she was really upset

[2011/07/14 20:44] Anima: she called me a hussy

[2011/07/14 20:45] Spiritus Mundi: I guess its me, I am the hussy

[2011/07/14 20:45] Anima: hmmmmmm

[2011/07/14 20:45] Spiritus Mundi: flirting with both sisters

[2011/07/14 20:45] Anima: like i said she is watching

[2011/07/14 20:50] Anima: but don't be afraid to tell me your secrets, then again a clever magician never reveals his secrets... what do you know about Hermetic Occultism?

[2011/07/14 20:52] Spiritus Mundi: I know hermes was 3 times great, I know the seven Laws

[2011/07/14 20:54] Anima: yes

[2011/07/14 20:55] Spiritus Mundi: I know it is all in the mind

[2011/07/14 20:56] Anima: and transmutation?

[2011/07/14 20:57] Spiritus Mundi: and it carries thru in alchemy, and all is mind

[2011/07/14 20:58] Anima: and do you know anything about exteriorization?

[2011/07/14 20:57] Spiritus Mundi: what do you mean by that?

[2011/07/14 20:58] Anima: if you knew you wouldn't ask

[2011/07/14 20:58] Spiritus Mundi: will you tell me?

[2011/07/14 21:00] Anima: so you are not really a magician... my sister was fooled by your tricks... do you know what is meant by the expression "vivid dream"

[2011/07/14 21:00] Spiritus Mundi: yes

[2011/07/14 21:01] Anima: what is it?

[2011/07/14 21:02] Spiritus Mundi: it is a period when you are awake in a dream

[2011/07/14 21:04] Anima: a vivid dream is where you recover fully your consciousness yet remain in the dream, you are aware of yourself and you are aware that you are dreaming... within the vivid dream state the magician is all powerful!

[2011/07/14 21:04] Spiritus Mundi: SL can be very dream like

[2011/07/14 21:05] Anima: yes,... when I said I dreamed that I saw a man flying , it was you

[2011/07/14 21:06] Spiritus Mundi: I know, and i my dream i saw a beautiful naked woman looking at me

[2011/07/14 21:07] Anima: what you don't know is whether it is possible to manipulate SL while in a vivid dream state

[2011/07/14 21:08] Spiritus Mundi: it seems like you can teach me things

[2011/07/14 21:09] Anima: when you are ready we will start, first however there is the initiation

[2011/07/14 21:09] Spiritus Mundi: how will we know when i am ready

[2011/07/14 21:09] Anima: you have already failed miserably the first test

[2011/07/14 21:09] Spiritus Mundi: I"m never good on the first test

[2011/07/14 21:09] Anima: carnal desire is your worst enemy

[2011/07/14 21:10] Spiritus Mundi: or it can be your best friend

[2011/07/14 21:10] Anima: it is the snake and you have to learn to recognize it and purge it from your being

[2011/07/14 21:11] Anima: imagine when you come upon the sacred ANGEL and your carnal desires over take you

[2011/07/14 21:12] Spiritus Mundi: and i make love to the sacred angel

[2011/07/14 21:12] Anima: yes... this is a great error, because the sacred ANGEL is no other than the great EVIL one in disguise

[2011/07/14 21:13] Spiritus Mundi: uh oh

[2011/07/14 21:14] Spiritus Mundi: there is only one thing

[2011/07/14 21:15] Anima: yes?

[2011/07/14 21:16] Spiritus Mundi: yes... all things are one thing, and in the embrace... dark and light, male and female

[2011/07/14 21:16] Anima: this is only true if you understand fully that the ONE cannot be divided, it has no parts

[2011/07/14 21:17] Spiritus Mundi: the one has all parts, like a hologram

[2011/07/14 21:17] Anima: well if you just try to remember that it has no parts you will be along way down the road to knowing what the ONE isn't

[2011/07/14 21:18] Spiritus Mundi: the one is everything, the low and high

[2011/07/14 21:18] Anima: yes the whole ball of wax

[2011/07/14 21:19] Anima: all that has been, all that will be...

[2011/07/14 21:19] Spiritus Mundi: yes

[2011/07/14 21:19] Anima: better not waste our time worrying about it

[2011/07/14 21:20] Spiritus Mundi: we just share here

[2011/07/14 21:20] Anima: we share time and time is not real

[2011/07/14 21:21] Spiritus Mundi: we are real

[2011/07/14 21:21] Anima: hahahahaha

[2011/07/14 21:21] Anima: how ironic that you should say that here

[2011/07/14 21:21] Spiritus Mundi: why so?

[2011/07/14 21:21] Anima: what is real in SL?

[2011/07/14 21:22] Anima: do you think my sister is real?

[2011/07/14 21:22] Spiritus Mundi: there are real people behind the key boards

[2011/07/14 21:22] Anima: no that is where you are mistaken

[2011/07/14 21:23] Spiritus Mundi: and real people can share made up stories, they can lie but...

[2011/07/14 21:23] Anima: there are no real people

[2011/07/14 21:24] Spiritus Mundi: there are real fingers touching the keys

[2011/07/14 21:25] Anima: you are clutching at straws, I am afraid

[2011/07/14 21:26] Spiritus Mundi: you are more complex than most people i chat with here... sometimes I can just feel someones energy here when i chat

[2011/07/14 21:27] Anima: you can?

[2011/07/14 21:26] Spiritus Mundi: its an empathy, you must know what I mean

[2011/07/14 21:27] Anima: wishful thinking... I know that we can be completely fooled by another, just as we can be completely fooled by ourselves

[2011/07/14 21:29] Spiritus Mundi: it is all an illusion... maya

[2011/07/14 21:29] Anima: yes

[2011/07/14 21:31] Anima: we are illusion, people are illusion

[2011/07/14 21:32] Spiritus Mundi: yes

[2011/07/14 33:] Anima: your self is an illusion

[2011/07/14 21:34] Spiritus Mundi: just a spark of being

[2011/07/14 35:] Anima: that is a poetic thought

[2011/07/14 21:36] Spiritus Mundi: sometimes I have good thoughts

[2011/07/14 37:] Anima: sometimes you have evil carnal ones too

[2011/07/14 21:38] Spiritus Mundi: sometimes I have them about you

[2011/07/14 39:] Anima: what?

[2011/07/14 39:] Anima: omg

[2011/07/14 39:] Anima: after everything that I have said?

[2011/07/14 21:40] Spiritus Mundi: I am just trying to be honest...

[2011/07/14 40:] Anima: sighs...

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