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Dakota Bookmite

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I spotted Dakota reclining casually in a hammock tucked away in a quiet corner of the extensive playgrounds of the Wild Coast Naturists Reserve. I was immediately taken with her stunningly realistic eyes and face....

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... and asked her if i might be able to take a few pictures to which she graciously consented. When she stood up i discovered that she was wearing wings!

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[2011/07/05 22:06] L A Linda: Wow you have wings!

[2011/07/05 22:07] Dakota Bookmite: laughs. Yes. I am a water nymph

[2011/07/05 22:08] L A Linda: why do you want to be a water nymph?

[2011/07/05 22:09] Dakota Bookmite: I love the sea and when I first read about water nymphs, I figured that would be the perfect creature to become if I could. I could live in the sea and land

[2011/07/05 22:10] L A Linda: and why do you sit in that hammock

[2011/07/05 22:10] Dakota Bookmite: I like to just relax and look around. Unless I have one of my friends with me, I like to just hide out over here lol

[2011/07/05 22:11] L A Linda: kk i was just wondering if it is a good way to catch men?

[2011/07/05 22:11] Dakota Bookmite: blushes and laughs loudly. No, I never even thought about that. I was just finding the quickest place to lay low :)

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