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When I first spotted Bambi, she was modestly crouched in the water by the beach at the Wild Coast Naturist Reserve. I was immediately captivated by her beauty and asked her if i could take some pictures for Avatar Life. I managed to get some nice shots and then  raced off to put together a cover. At that time i was still just forming ideas of how to put together my cover pages. Once i had done Dakota's page i realized that this would be a good format to profile interesting or especially beautiful avatars. Fortunately Bambi contacted me again and I asked her to allow me to do a more complete series of photos at MantaRay Bay as we were then both at Wild Coast and it was close.

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It was then that I realized that I had discovered a real Second Life Star. In this amazing casual outfit she is has an air of playful friendliness...

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... but underneath, is Bambi supermodel!

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Bambi is from France but her English is very good so I was able to ask her what everyone wants to know.

[2011/07/08 00:04] L A Linda: i wonder how you made such a great avi?

[2011/07/08 00:05] Bambi: all free, that is the secret.

[2011/07/08 00:06] L A Linda: well you have such good taste in your choice of clothes, colors and jewelry, how do you explain that?

[2011/07/08 00:07] Bambi: some people spend a fortune on their clothes and things, but you can find really good things that are completely free.

[2011/07/08 00:07] L A Linda: your hair was free?

[2011/07/08 00:08] Bambi: yes, but not freebie

[2011/07/08 00:08] L A Linda: the skin was free?

[2011/07/08 00:09] Bambi: group gift!

[2011/07/08 00:09] L A Linda: okay, and the shape?

[2011/07/08 00:10] Bambi: a freebie shape, then i edited it.

[2011/07/08 00:10] L A Linda: it is realy special and so elegant, do you look like Bambi in real life?

[2011/07/08 00:11] Bambi: I wished i looked like Bambi on real life!

[2011/07/08 00:12] L A Linda: Yes, I know exactly what you mean!

[2011/07/08 00:32] L A Linda: Okay, i want to know about your love life. You have been in Sl for a few months now, did u fall in love?

[2011/07/08 00:11] Bambi: not in SL, I was too busy with my look and exploring, and mostly, not meeting the right person.

[2011/07/08 00:32] L A Linda: Bambi you are a star, and stars are never alone for long :)

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